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Sightseeing in Moscow  


Welcome to Moscow's up-to-date and independent guide.  Our guide to Moscow was started by a small group of young local Russians and expatriates who were disappointed that there was no truly independent, in-depth guide to Moscow available on the internet. Much of the information you find here you will not find anywhere else. All of our editors live in Moscow (unlike those other online guides who have editors who live in Great Britain or the United States and visit Moscow once every three years to update!).  Thus the material in our guide is fresh and up to date. And very important, as we are not-for-profit, our advice is not skewed toward advertisers.


Please explore our guide, feel free to contact us and ask us advice on your upcoming trip and share this guide with your friends if you find it useful.



















Editor's Picks

>> A 3D panoramic view of the Kremlin


>> Stay cheap in Moscow: our choice of the best hostels!


>> Red October: the new arts and cultural scene


 >> Quaint home-style Russian restaurants


 >> Guide to historical metro stations


 >> Secret Soviet Military bunkers


 >> Boat tours on the Moscow river


 >> Golden Ring walking tour


 >> Moscow Free Tour



  History of Moscow

  Map of Moscow (from 2015)

  Map of Moscow (from 1653)

  Free Moscow Bus Tour 

  Metro Map

  Top art museums

  Favorite monasteries

  Architectural Moscow

  Literary Moscow

  Excursions / Private Guides Moscow

  Boat Tours on the Moscow River

  Viewing Lenin's body in Moscow

  Communism Lives in Moscow

  Secret Soviet Military Bunkers

  Treasures of the Kremlin

    Detailed map of Kremlin with key

    The Grand Kremlin Palace

    The Armory

    Patriarch's Palace

    Assumption Cathedral

    Diamond Fund of the Kremlin

    Ivan The Great Bell Tower

    Tsar Bell

    Tsar Cannon

  Banyas (bath houses)

  Guide to Historical metro stations

  horseback rides and trips in regions


Night Time Moscow

  Russian Restaurant guide Moscow

    Quaint home-style Russian cuisine

    Inexpensive Russian cuisine

    Elegant Russian cuisine

  Red October Restaurants, Galleries

  Club guide to Moscow

    Bars in Moscow

    Clubbing in Moscow

    Strip Clubs in Moscow

  Chaikovsky Conservatory


Practical Moscow

  How to apply for Russian visa

  Budget accommodation in Moscow

    Hostels in Moscow

    small hotels in Moscow

    serviced apartments in Moscow

  Map of Moscow


    Metro map

    Arriving to Moscow by Air

    Arriving to Moscow by Train

    How to Purchase Train tickets

    Ordering a taxi in Moscow


    Telephones and making a call

    Using a Mobile phone in Moscow

    Internet access in Moscow

  Exhibition centers and how to find

  Banks and money services

  How expensive is Moscow?

  Crime in Moscow

  Medical assistance in Moscow

  Emergency telephones in Moscow

  Pharmacies / Drug Stores in Moscow

  Laundry and dry cleaning

  Dating and introductions Moscow

  Student travel services in Moscow


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